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Granite is an igneous stone formed by molten rock, over millions of years. It is extremely durable and scratch resistant; its hardness lends itself for the stone to be mechanically polished to a high gloss finish.


Marble's unsurpassable beauty and elegance has made it the covering of choice in fine hotels, prestigious buildings and elegant homes. Its rich history dates back to the Parthenon in Athens, which still stands today.


Limestone is a very popular surface for use as a countertop in both the kitchen and bethroom. Limestone is actually petrified calcium carbonate, formed by a crystalization process that brings forth a myriad of colors within the substance.

Other Materials

We have experience working with a variety of other natural stone surfaces and can advise you of availability, cost and practicality.


We have an extensive selection of edges from which to choose and are capable of fabricating custom edges upon request.


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