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The customary use of tile for kitchen floors and bathroom showers, walls, and floors has grown. Today, ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile is often the choice for floors throughout the house. Porcelain and stone tiles are an excellent choice for patios.

With modern technology, ceramic and porcelain tile is very precise and uniform but can be made to mimic nature's beautiful, imperfect variations. We will be happy to assist you in creating a new design that suits your particular style. An endless variety of shapes, sizes, color and textures allows a custom expression. Adding a decorative tile or border of ceramic, stone, glass, metal, or even semi-precious gems completes the look. The use of tile allows the functional to be transformed into art!

Advantages of Ceramic & Porcelain Tile
  • Beauty - The vast selection of colors, styles, textures, shapes, and sizes add beauty and style to any space or design them.

  • Design Versatility - A combination of sizes and shapes allows for freedom of expression and custom design. Adding a decorative tile or border of ceramic, stone, glass, metal or even semi-precious gems completes the custom expression.

  • Low Maintenance - Tile resists dirt and stains, and requires little effort to maintain its like-new appearance.

  • Water Resistance - Glazed or unglazed, ceramic tile's composition emits little or no accumulation of moisture, depending on the tile and/or glaze composition.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Ceramic tile is inhospitable to germs and bacteria, as well as allergens.

  • Durable - A properly selected tile is not outperformed.

  • Fire Resistant - Ceramic tile is essentially burnt clay that doesn't burn and give off toxic fumes








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